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Wigs FAQ

1.Does the wig match the pictures?

Most of our wigs come styled, but they might be a little shifted during the shipping process.

We try to make sure the color of the photos are true to the color of the wigs in real life. However sometimes there might be a slight color matching mishap (this is very rare).

Taking care of and wearing the wig needs a little bit of skill, you can practice a few times, find your own preferable way to take care of the wig. Keeping in mind that everyone’s face shape, temperament, clothing and so on are different.

2. Hair shedding?

The wig is woven with a needle and thread, most of the process is manual, so a small amount of floating hair will fall off naturally, Please rest assured about that. Wigs appear knotted and other situations, please do not comb it, it may get worse.

Please use our special wig care lotion and wood and steel comb, and comb gently. 

If the knot is stubborn, you can cut the knot with scissors. This does not detract from the overall look of the wig.

3. Does it look big or weak?

The appearance of a large head is a sign of improper use of wearing methods and techniques, such as hair not neatly combed or not properly styled.
Some of the shorter styles actually create a shaggy hairstyle, which might make your head look bigger based on your face shape.
Note that the adjustment buckle, can be adjusted according to your own head circumference.

4. Hair quality issues?

The factors of hair quantity, season, design, hair material etc is unfortunetely, not something we can control.

For example: summer hair is soft, but because of weather reasons the wear can be slightly uncomfortable.
The hair in the winter is drier, after being used, it needs lukewarm water immersion to nurse the ends.

5. Can I perm and dye it?

High temperature silk wig can be used below 120 degrees Celsius of electric roll rod and straight hair splint for modeling, make sure the temperature is not too high, otherwise damage on the hair may occur.

Wigs can be dyed, but we do not recommend you to do so, one reason is because the wig has no hair scales, hence, it can not lock the color for a long time. 

Second, the wig dyeing is not as simple as the real hair, the dyes used are also different, the steps take a very long time.

However in the end, it’s your wig, so feel free to do whatever makes you happy <3

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