Take you to quickly understand lolita

1、what is Lolita

Lolita clothing refers to a fashion subculture that draws inspiration from the clothing styles of the Victorian and Rococo eras, as well as elements of fantasy and cute aesthetics. This fashion originated in Japan but has gained popularity in various parts of the world.

Lolita fashion is characterized by its modest and doll-like appearance. It emphasizes modesty, elegance, and a childlike innocence.

Lolita is a clothing style, which represents life attitude and dressing style. Lolita is not cosplay, Cos is role-playing, and lolita is being yourself. There may be some similarities in the appearance of the two clothing, but they are completely different.

✨lo girl: A girl who wears Lolita clothes as everyday clothes
✨lo man: boys wearing lo
✨Women's Clothes Master: A man who wears women's clothing, a man who is quite skilled in women's clothing and makeup techniques.

2、Lolita Style Types

✨Sweet Lolita
Sweet, usually with a lot of lace and frills, usually with fruit, animal, sweet food prints on the skirt
✨Classical Lolita
Cla for short, this style of lolita is classical, and the more elegant colors are mainly simple tones, aiming to highlight the elegant and classical feeling

✨Gothic Lolita
Also known as the deadly style, the main colors are black and white, and the feature is to express the feeling of mystery, horror and death. Usually accompanied by decorations such as cross silverware, as well as more intense dark makeup.
✨Chinese style: a small skirt with Chinese elements

✨Japanese style

✨Navy wind: a small skirt with navy elements

✨Light lo: partial to daily life, partial to commuting, not so exaggerated

✨Gay guy: generally lantern shorts and other attire
✨Tea party style: dress, flower wedding, usually with concubine sleeves and complicated and gorgeous lace decoration


3、The version and accessories of lolita clothing

✨op: One piece, the dress with sleeves can be worn directly as a whole

✨jsk: Jumper skirt, sleeveless dress, suspender dress

✨sk: Skirt, short skirt

✨kc: bowknot headband on the head

✨sp: special, special edition

✨Strap: Generally shorter

✨Switch: The upper body is usually very simple and connected with the lower body

✨dress: Gorgeous, very suitable for tea parties

✨Vegetarian chicken: elastic band

✨Bingtu: the print on the skirt

✨Skirt support: hold up the small skirt or lengthen the support

✨Pumpkin Pants: cute lace ruffle panties

✨Hand sleeves: decorations on the hands

✨Hairband: Ribbon decoration on the head

✨Edge clip: The decorative clip that can be clipped on the head is more everyday

✨bnt: Bonnet is a kind of hat, with a strap at the bottom

Fixed on the chin, usually decorated with lace, lace, bows and other gorgeous elements


4. Lolita exclusive color naming

✨Cyanine color: navy blue, dark blue
✨sax color: light blue
✨Growing color: beige, yellowish
✨Wakasa color: light green


Lolita fashion enthusiasts often gather at events and meetups to showcase their outfits, share styling tips, and celebrate the uniqueness of the fashion subculture.
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