What is y2k aesthetics

Y2K (Year 2000 kilo) is also called millennium style, which refers to the popular culture around the millennium. Y stands for Year and 2k stands for 2000.

Originally Y2K represented the "millennium bug" problem of computer defects, that is, people worried that the computer would format the world after December 31, 1999 when the millennium came, and return to 1900. Y2K originally symbolized the technological crisis and the imaginary future. expectations and longings. Representative elements are binary interfaces, electronic circuits, digital networks.

Due to technical reasons at the time, the visuals presented low-fidelity, low-resolution features.

Y2K style definition

The Y2K style is people's longing and anxiety for the new era. Coupled with the rapid development of Internet technology, a fanatical aesthetic revolution broke out in the fields of fashion, music and design. Its core concept is optimism and technological utopia.
Because of the beautiful fantasy of the future, the extremely dynamic gradient, the technologically avant-garde metal texture and the crude and clumsy highlights are used extensively in the vision. In this way, people's imagination of the future world in that era is described: a utopia of space, high speed, high technology, informatization, and rapid development.

texture elements

A large number of materials are used: laser metal texture, transparent PE/PVC material, patent leather, reflective fabric, circuit board and other surreal elements

font symbol

From today's point of view, the font style is mainly to create a sense of movement. There are no strict restrictions on the selection of fonts in visual design, and the main fonts are thick outlines, large shadows, bold, and italics. In terms of visual performance, the pursuit of the 3D effect of the quadrilateral wrapped font was a futuristic and technological expression for the time.

Color matching

The representative colors of Y2K are mainly candy colors, fluorescent colors, contrasting colors, and extreme cold and warm contrasts.
Extensive use of anti-traditional colors such as technological silver, sweet pink, dreamy purple, water ice blue, and fluorescent green to simulate the sense of technology and imagination of the future.

Application Scenario

Social Significance

1. Major brands
The first choice and magic weapon for youth
The psychological state and cultural connotation of mankind entering a new era is in line with the yearning and restlessness of emerging human beings and young people for the future. It is one of the key points for the brand to penetrate into the main force of today's consumers.
2. The current epidemic situation
A space fantasy of digital globalization
The gloom and depression of the global economy under the epidemic and the process of digital globalization have aroused everyone's fantasies about space and memories of the past. It is both nostalgic and retro, but also new and new.

Unlike cyberpunk's pessimism about the collapse of technology, Y2K is optimistic about technology